Our Affiliate Programmes

Delhi Bonsai is now opening following listed affiliate programmes for the benefit of various stake holders.


a)    Bonsai  Artists’ Affiliate Programme


 Become Delhi Bonsai Affiliate and get advantage of our vast customers’ base. Calling attention of Bonsai Hobbyists/Growers who are interested to sell their bonsais or their pre-bonsai materials through our website. If you are the one, you can email us at : delhi.bonsai@gmail.com. We have various opportunities and programmes for our partners in accordance with their interests. 


b)    Bonsai Tools & Pots Affiliate Programme


Excellent opportunity for Bonsai Tools & Pots suppliers and manufacturers is now open for a short period and we are finalising our affiliates. We have various options for you to increase your sale of affordable good bonsai tools and pots. You may avail them by:-

1.     Posting your link on our website to enjoy our web presence and vast customer base on revenue sharing basis.

2.     Adding your product in our sales section on workable modalities, and much more. You may email us at : delhi.bonsai@gmail.com


c)     Gifts & Sales Affiliate Programme


The florists, gift shops, corporate gifting agencies etc. who cater to niche clientele, thereby promoting fast growing trend of  “Give Green gifts” can also be benefitted by our affiliate programme. They may enjoy following benefits:

1.     Discounts on pricing

2.     Personal selection  of plants

3.     Custom made ordering

4.     Bulk booking to avoid gifting season rush

5.     Choice of plant variety and material alteration, and much more.

You may email us at: delhi.bonsai@gmail.com