About Us

Delhi bonsai, s an Endeavour to showcase the art of Bonsai and a platform to sell their exclusive creations to Bonsai and nature lovers.


We at Delhi Bonsai firmly believe in the “Go Green” campaign and are affirmative that growing plants is the best gift that we can handed over to the coming generations.


Our Motto:

We can and we will once again make this mother NATURE green and beautiful.


We, at Delhi Bonsai work, play, and live the art of bonsai. Some of them are cute; some are plain. Some are large and some are small. There are many that would flower and many would bear fruits. Now we feel that everyone must experience this great art.


Our obsession with Bonsai started early in life. As we look back over the years, we can recall with certainty the actual events that kept us engrossed to our hobby and down the path of personal fulfillment.


We signed up for our first series of hands-on practical bonsai experience way back in 1994. It was there that we could engross ourselves in the techniques of the ancient art of bonsai. Later, we took our hobby of growing, collecting and training bonsai to another level.


Delhi bonsai is a team work of Agriculture / Horticulture specialists, Bonsai artists, designers and cyberspace experts to catch up with the eyes of nature lovers, bonsai artists and corporate sectors who wish to be close to nature even within the boundaries of their homes and offices.  

We keep our prices fair and affordable to spread the art of Bonsai. We take great pride in providing special attention to each and every order. Our customers appreciate the care and effort that we put into selecting and sending their bonsais by hand by our dedicated staff.

We are clearly structured and organized to promote success of our team members in an atmosphere that highly regards and encourages the sale and use of plant materials to strengthen, rebuild, maintain and support our ecology.