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Bonsai means “Tree Planted in a Pot”


Originally developed in the Orient almost 2000 years ago, today the sublime art of bonsai is practiced throughout the world. A tree planted in a small pot is not a bonsai until it has been pruned, shaped, and trained into the desired shape. Contrary to popular belief, bonsai is not the art of stunting a tree’s growth.

Bonsai plants offer peace of mind, eliminate depression and keep us energetic. These beautiful trees develop extreme patience, caring, mentality, positive outlook towards life, gift a bonsai tree delhi online. about-us-buy-bonsai-online-delhi-gurgaon-noida-gzb

Delhi Bonsai-Our Company

Delhi Bonsai main focus on Buy Bonsai Online
and Gift Bonsai India.

Is an endeavour to showcase the art of Bonsai and a platform to sell their exclusive creations to Bonsai and nature lovers.We firmly believe in the “Go Green” campaign and are affirmative that growing plants is the best gift that we can hand over to the coming generations.

We can and we will once again make this mother NATURE green and beautiful.

We, at Delhi Bonsai work, play, and live the art of bonsai. Some of them are cute; some are plain. Some are large and some are small. There are many that would flower and many would bear fruits. Now we feel that everyone must experience this great art.

Our obsession with Bonsai started early in life. As we look back over the years, we can recall with certainty the actual events that kept us engrossed to our hobby and down the path of personal fulfilment.We signed up for our first series of hands-on practical bonsai experience way back in 1994.

Real Indian Bonsai Species, created by masters of the art of Bonsai. The plant variety we choose here are vary hardy in nature and affordable , so that you can enjoy the green environment at home. We offer 4 hours delivery service in Delhi, NOIDA, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad.

Hardy plant varieties suitable for Novices and Gifting purpose, comes in per-defined shapes. Just prune in desired shapes and these bonsai will be with you forever.


Query & Replies

The below Q&R has been compiled by our team based on Experiance


Searching for a perfect gift for loved ones or for your corporate clients, festival season is always a tough task. The concept of green gifting is very much trending concept. Here we I would like to point some of the basic concept while choosing a Bonsai Tree as a gift.

The first and fore most is the price range. There are many websites selling the gift bonsai trees, one is attracted towards the picture shown , the packing being offered etc. I must be kept in mind, if you are looking to gift a bonsai, the source must be authentic and the photograph shown should be exactly of the same tree, you would be receiving.

Bonsai trees are all about its shape, don’t get lured from the pics shown to you, ask for real pic.

Point no.2, make sure the source you are getting is a bonsai grower, and not just a dealer of plants or flower or a gift shop. The best quality and price you can get is from real source.

Go for a tree variety which is hard enough, preferably indoor. Go for Indian plant growers not importers, support make in India campaign.


Bonsai’s are great to have, lovely to watch, thoughtful to gift for loved ones. The most important question is where to buy bonsai trees locally. Lets be honest, no bonsai is a complete bonsai by the definition. Bonsai’s are in continuous process of development. delhibonsai.com is exact place to buy affordable and authentic bonsais online and offline for the art lovers of Delhi and NCR. It is a place, where they dont pack and courier the bonsais at your desired destination.

Since 2013 they have been selling bonsais online and deliver only in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. The delivery is done by hand and by their own personalized staff.

Secondly the next best place to buy a bonsai type plant from a nursery, scattered all over Delhi and NCR region. The hunting at nurseries is a daunting task in itself.

I will shortly be uploading the a video on your many question on where to buy a bonsai tree, when to buy a bonsai tree, How to buy, this to consider while buying at youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Mx73fvGRlyH4q7IxjD0ig.

Here today I am going to cover topic on Bonsai Plants in Delhi. Delhi has a very rich culture of Bonsai creation and artist. There are many good bonsai associations in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, NOIDA, they are having regular meeting and exhibitions to showcase their artwork. City is most advance in practicing the art of bonsai plants making since long time. Here in Delhi we enjoy all for seasons and so as our plants.  The only critical months are May-June, December-January.

Pines and Junipers don’t do very well in Delhi’s climatic conditions. Some of the varieties found as bonsais in Delhi are Pilkhan, Bargad, Bodhi, Kalpvriksha, All the ficus varieties do fairly well in Delhi.

Bonsais Simplified is our youtube channel, where you can stay updated about the topic. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Mx73fvGRlyH4q7IxjD0ig.http://www.delhibonsai.com is a online shop to buy authentic bonsai in Delhi. What you see is what you get, all the bonsai are individually photographed and coded , so to make sure the exact plant reaches the customer . The bonsai is not packed and handed over by hand upon buying so that the bonsai is delivered safely.

Banyan, Barh, Ficus bengalensis is the National Tree of India. Widely worshiped throughout India on various occasions, festivals etc. A perfect mystical and mythological and sacred tree.

The ariel roots of this tree creates a visual magic to the viewer. Nature lovers and bonsai enthusiast, both appreciate this majestic masterpiece.

Banyan, Barh, Ficus bengalensis is the National Tree of India. Widely worshiped throughout India on various occasions, festivals etc. A perfect mystical and mythological and sacred tree.  The ariel roots of this tree creates a visual magic to the viewer. Nature lovers and bonsai enthusiast, both appreciate this majestic masterpiece.
Banyan, Barh, Ficus bengalensis is the National Tree of India. Widely worshiped throughout India on various occasions, festivals etc. A perfect mystical and mythological and sacred tree.
The ariel roots of this tree creates a visual magic to the viewer. Nature lovers and bonsai enthusiast, both appreciate this majestic masterpiece.

Banyan Tree are all over India, they like hot and humid climate. Ariel roots comes fast in Humid whether conditions.

Banyan / Bargad / Barh tree is part of Panchvati, A mystical garden described in Vedas. The Strong root and Ariel root structure signifies strength of Republic of India.

Although the Bonsai can be made by Seeds, cutting, air layering or by taking out a wild tree (yamodri). The bargad bonsai in there true form are not very small specimen, so to attain beautiful shape and aura , bonsai’s are bigger in size comparative to other bonsai species.

Although We have discussed about the upkeep of this type of bonsai at our you tube channel Bonsais Simplified.


Additionally for instance Mythological speaking, the leaf of the banyan tree is said to be the resting place for Shree Krishna, further in a similar context Bhagwat Geeta says One who knows this tree is the knower of the Vedas.

Indoor bonsai tree care guidelines in Delhi NCR.

Care of Bonsai tree is different from a normal potted plant.

Generally Most of the Bonsai trees should be placed outdoors, where they are exposed to the natural seasons just like normal tree.

But there are many specific plant varieties which we can call indoor bonsais. We call them less light requiring Plants.

Fisus microcarpa or tiger bark ficus, Chinese Elm or fuken tea tree, carmona or malphigia wax, Crasulla Ovala or Jade are some common indoor bonsai plant species available in Delhi & NCR.

Indoor bonsai tree care guidelines in Delhi NCR, First and foremost, Keep a watch on the watering.

Soil should be kept moist and never over watered or allowed to dried out completely.

Make sure the Indoor bonsai gets some kind of light, even in indoor settings.

Secondly, keep an eye on health of leaves, if they seem to be turning yellow or showing a sign of unhealthy look. Such Indoor bonsai should immediately be shifted to semi shade place outdoors or a balcony.

ELM Bonsai
Premna Bonsai



In this blog post I will concentrate only on buying of bonsais on online mode. Buying the bonsai plants online is a tricky issue, you can find various profiles on facebook selling bonsai plants. The biggest question is the authenticity of buyer, the reality of bonsai if you are interacting person to person. You can ask for pictures, latest pictures from the person selling bonsai on face book. There are fairer chances that they might be based in some remote corner of the country. I am not here talking about any kind of wrongdoing, although there are fairer chances on that issue also.


The next issue comes is of packing and transportation. Most of the courier companies don’t accept live plants for delivery. Bonsai means ” a tree in a pot” wherein there tree and pot both are of importance. The person to person deal on social media for selling of bonsai are done on the basis of transporting the bonsai without pot. It means that you will be getting only the tree , and not the complete bonsai. If you are new to the art of bonsai or want to purchase as a gifting purpose, You have to again look for the suitable pot and how to re-pot the Bonsai you have got. Not to mention here that the hefty transportation cost you have to bear, which may run into thousands of rupees. There are fair chances the bonsai tree will not survive the cruel packing and transportation.

I recommend not to fully pack a bonsai tree,  below are some examples of small gifting bonsai trees.

Second option buy bonsai online India is through popular and independent websites. Here I would suggest that you carefully read the description of the Bonsai what you are buying, 90% times the depicted picture is different what you will get. You may a a pic of beautiful bonsai and in small words its written SEEDS, CUTTING. Please dont get confused.

These are Hardy plant varieties suitable for Novices and Gifting purpose, comes in per-defined shapes.

Just prune in desired shapes and these bonsai will be with you forever.

Ficus Microcarpa, Jade, Crassula Ovata, Friendship Tree, Lipstic Ficus, Carmona, Elm are a few indoor bonsai trees. these are bought online and home delivered

Please Subscribe our youtube channel BONSAIS SIMPLIFIED

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Mx73fvGRlyH4q7IxjD0ig to keep you updated on the topic.

One thing be kept in mind, no plant variety is truly indoor. Type of Bonsai trees Indoors simply suggest that it can survive in less availability of sunlight Indoor Bonsais plants do need light to survive, may it be artificial light or the bonsai is kept near a window.

Although No special care is needed, if www.delhibonsai.com says that a particular plant is indoor, just water it and enjoys the beauty in your living room. However, it is always advisable that indoor bonsai must be rotated indoor-outdoor-indoor periodically. The indoor bonsai we develop are acclimatized to the local climate of Delhi, so that you get a perfect healthy Bonsai.

You can enjoy this bonsai as a tabletop, you can gift them to your loved ones. Indoor bonsai are ideal corporate Gift item.

Roaming around in traffic of Delhi and NCR for buying a Bonsai is a tough task. I haven’t come across any nursery or otherwise selling well curated bonsai. At some place you will see some cheap Chinese plants , potted in a coco peat mix are offered in sale.

I strongly advise while buying this imported stuff, make sure they are potted in soil or appropriate bonsai mix.

The plant should have been rid of imported coco-peat mix. This will ensure proper nutrition to your bonsai plant and also remove any fungal infection developi

At www.delhibonsai.com, all the above requirements are fulfilled. The bonsais are well adapted to Indian climate and conditions.ng.

Changed soil mix in a imported bonsai
Changed soil mix in a imported bonsai

Plants in India for Bonsais in Delhi, Gurgaon, NOida, faridabad, Ghaziabad & NCR.

Almost all species of Plants are available in Delhi & NCR, but many exotic or imported plants are still rare here, May be the harsh climatic conditions in summers or nearly 0 degree winters may be the reason.

Almost all varieties of Ficus, Varieties of Acacia , Jade Fruit plants are developed and grown here.

The Bonsaists use to go places and different nurseries during 1980s and 1990s,at those times traffic conditions were also not that bad and hobbyist had time to hop around.
But now the scenario has changed, Online purchase of plants are picking up and many websites has sprang up for this purpose, but non of them are offering plants for bonsai purpose.
www.delhibonsai.com exhibits many such plants which for bonsai pourpouse.

[ ‘PANCHA’ – Five, ‘VATI’ – Trees]
This combination of trees was mentioned in “The Ramayana”. When Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana took on to the 14 years of ‘Vanavasa’, halt a night at Muni Bharadwaja Ashram. Then he advised Rama to find a place where all these five trees exist together to make a place to live. So as per his suggestion they later make a ‘Parnashala’ amidst these trees. So where ever all these five exist together, Rama too resides there.
1. Ficus bengalensis Banyan
2. Ficus religiosa Peepal
3. Ficus glomerata Fig
4. Aegle marmelos Bilva
5. Emblica officionalis Amla

Breeze from these trees Gives out more oxygen, Very Cool, have medicinal values, Brings good health. Powerful vibrations, Wards off evil forces, Gives right way of thinking, Clarity of thought.

India Gift A Plant , Gift Green, Give a gift that Grows, What to look at and what to look for if you need a special gift for special some one.
This to Keep in Mind.

Gift a hard Plant variety like Ficus Microcarpa , Jade, other ficus varieties.

These are low maintenance plants.

Indoor plants are best to gift.

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