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Look no further for you Corporate Green Gifts, Diwali Gift. Anniversary Gift, House warming Gift, Grih Pravesh gift ideas needs in Delhi & NCR areas. Delhi Bonsai is a online corporate gifting store operating since 2013. We follow a policy of what you see is what you get. 

Delhi Bonsai is the only online platform which gives opportunity to choose your bonsais in Online and offline mode.

We have a state of the art Green house, capable of offering the bonsais in perfect shape whole the year round.

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Corporate gifting is undergoing a transformation. Have you noticed?

Revamp your corporate gifting experience by exploring our carefully curated selection priced under Rs. 2000, seamlessly blending sophistication with affordability.

Tailored for the discerning professional, each item in this collection represents the perfect union of opulence and practicality, guaranteeing that your gifts convey a lasting impression of refined elegance.

Enhance your corporate relationships with our meticulously chosen offerings, a true embodiment of the fine art of premium gifting.

In a realm where elegance harmonizes with economy, our corporate gifts under Rs. 2000 redefine sophistication, transforming every gesture into a statement of refined taste and enduring impact.

Gift Bonsai Jade Bonsai from for free delivery in Delhi & NCR India

Your company message will get noticed and bonsai gifts are the perfect ‘ice breakers’ and talking points. Bespoke and personalized gift packages are created for your company’s individual requirements.

Buxux Bonsai for Sale in Delhi & NCR Delhibonsai, Boxwood landscape gifting bonsai, easy care bonsai

If you are looking for the perfect bonsai gift ideas for clients enthusiast in your life we have exactly what you need! Our selection of bonsai garden gifts include handmade bonsai gifts, home gardening ideas.

Gift Bonsai

Our bonsai tree gifts are easy to find and fall into a range of price categories to ensure that every nature lover’s dream can come true for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, special occasions, and every other day! We are sure you will find the bonsai tree gift that matches your intention in our vast selections of accessories, trees, supplies and art.

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Our one of a kind dedication to the art and craft of bonsai ensures that we know the heart of a bonsai lover better than anyone, because we share that passion and enjoy sharing it with others; that is why if you need something bonsai related…we’ve got it!

Bonsai Perfect Gift for Grih Pravesh / house warming

Explore a diverse array of species easily transformed into exquisite bonsai gifts, serving as special tokens of love.

If you’re seeking something distinctive, beautiful, and unique, your solution awaits—

BONSAI, the perfect gift that captures everyone’s attention.

Discover our stunning, top-quality bonsai gifts, personalized to your requirements, and enjoy our fast and efficient service that offers cost-effective solutions.


Growing for the future
Developing potential or investments
Cultivating success or assets
Living harmoniously with nature and the environment
Nurturing relationships
It’s not just a plant; it’s a metaphor for growth and connection.

Whether it’s a gift for the home or office, our bonsai presents an unparalleled blend of beauty and meaning.

Our Motto

What you see is what you get


Personalised delivery at door step


Creating green spaces

Corporate or grih pravesh Gifts

A corporate / diwali gift / Grih Pravesh gift should be as remarkable and unique as the company presenting it, and few gifts surpass the distinctiveness of Bonsai trees. At Delhi Bonsai Studios, our Corporate Gift / Grih Pravesh gift / diwali gifting services are crafted with the belief that the gifts your company offers should be noteworthy and unforgettable, sparking conversations and leaving a lasting impression.

Bonsai trees are ideal for every occasion, whether it’s welcoming new employees, expressing gratitude with thank-you gifts, extending congratulations for maternity, or providing unique gifts for corporate events.

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Demonstrate your appreciation for employees or clients through the timeless art form of Bonsai. We specialize in customizing Mature Bonsai, incorporating company logos and messaging to create enduring living art for clients and team members alike.

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Alternatively, explore our customized DIY kits, complete with everything needed to embark on the Bonsai journey. These kits can be tailored to include live trees, pots, soil, tools, and additional items based on client preferences.

This interactive gift goes beyond the package delivery. After recipients receive their kits, we offer a 1-1.5 hour Zoom workshop. This session covers potting, care, and maintenance of the gifted Bonsai, making it a truly engaging and educational experience.

Provide us with your contact details, and let us collaborate with you on these distinctive and rewarding gifts.


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