Authentic Indian Bonsai in Delhi

Authentic Indian Bonsai in Delhi / genuine Indian bonsai.

Confused while searching for a genuine Indian bonsai for your home office or for gifting purposes, its living art

You will be bombarded with various options like Pachira, Machira, redermachera or even Ginseng plant sold as a bonsai.

You may also see that various nurseries and platforms are selling some sort of grafter trees planted in a small pot and sold as a bonsai.

Don’t get confused here we are listing and showing,

  • what is a genuine Indian bonsai or authentic bonsai
  • how do they look like
  • what are their characteristics
  • in what shapes there available
  • what varieties their available

so that you can make an informed choice while buying for gifting for even if you are likely to start a Bonsai journey of your own.

In so far as taking care or making of the Bonsai is concerned we have covered these two topics in depth in our blogs which you can easily go through and start your Bonsai making journey, we have our dedicated and free YouTube channel called bonsai simplified where you can see and follow the step to step guide for

  • making a bonsai
  • caring of a Bonsai
  • winter care of bonsai
  • rainfall care of Bonsai
  • summer caring of bonsais
  • Flowering and floating bonsai
  • Gifting bonsai
  • Mame bonsai
  • Small bonsai.

Gift Bonsai

And above all if you are going for an authentic Indian bonsai you will be increasing a chance of increasing a farmers income and improving the life of farmers and artisans involved in nursery business in India, to lead a good life so I would request you to go for only Indian and authentic bonsais.

Authentic Indian Bonsai Tree Species.

Although we have listed and discussed about the tree species of India which can be easily transform to a bonsai according to climate and seasonal and soil conditions.

In depth Reading

I am listing a few very common plant varieties which can be turned into authentic Indian bonsai tree easily. “Authentic Indian Bonsai in Delhi”

First and foremost, there is a great confusion that ficus is a single plant of which bonsaies are made and sold.

I would like to clarify here that ficus is a family of plant which consists of hundreds of plants species within them, the Indian subcontinent itself is having many ficus plant varieties.

Peepal, Pilkhan, Barh, Gular are a very common ficus plant varieties available in India and they are very suitable for making bonsais.

Baobab or Adensonia

Adensonia / Baobab / Kalpvriksha

So I would like to clarify to my readers that do not get confused that ficus is a single tree the fact is that ficus is a species of plants in Moraceae family which consists of many plant varieties.

Some Ficus Plant Varieties along with Common Names.

  • Ficus Bengalensis/ Barh/ Bargad / 
  • Ficus religosa / Peepal / Pakaad
  • Ficus virens / Pilkhan
  • Ficus racemosa / gular
  • Ficus benjamina / weeping fig
  • Ficus microcarpa
  • Ficus panda / yellow ficus
  • Ficus island
  • Ficus Longisland

These are a few Ficus plant species easily available for bonsai making in India and Delhi. They are easy to maintain, very hard variety, they easy cope with harsh summers of Delhi and are easy to maintain. Ficus becomes fast as a bonsai and can pe propagated with cutting or air layering. they can be easily be dug out from old walls / roof tops etc. 

All the Pictures of Bonsai below has been developed at Delhi Bonsai Farms and sold in the Past.

Plant species suitable for Authentic Indian Bonsais are as under.

  1. Neem
  2. Alstonia
  3. Jamun
  4. Mango
  5. Custard Apple
  6. Jungle jalebi
  7. Subabool
  8. Naagraj
  9. Premna serratifolia
  10. Adansonia digitata
  11. Boxwood
  12. Crassula / Jade
  13. Cysus Palm
  14. Casurina
  15. Carmona
  16. Jacunia
  17. Murraya
  18. Guavava
  19. Elm
  20. Tecoma Dwarf
  21. Gulmohar
  22. Cherry

The above are Authentic Indian Bonsai in Delhi, and can be managed easily with low mortality rate. 

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Why Authentic Indian Bonsai Trees?

Why do we choose genuine authentic Indian bonsai trees for our gifting purpose for corporate gifts for Diwali gifts ,for anniversary to Our Parents, gift to our Bosses, Bonsai as a friendship gift, here are the some reasons, I would like to elaborate here.

As you already know by reading the above post that the authentic Indian bonsai are best suitable for propagating and gifting in India as they are very good survival in our Indian climatic conditions.

The soil , temperature , weather is optimal for their consistent growth. The authentic and genuine Indian Bonsai are easily available and can be maintained by novoices or even our regular gardners, because regular Gardner is very comfortable with the indigenous species.

From few years there is a trend of importing some bonsai or Bonsai looking plants on commercial basis. These imported plants are grown in coconut peat, so that they can be exported from their native country of origin. Many of these are genetically modified, some are grafted, these imported so called font size are sold as it is in various nursery’s and on various online platforms without changing its soil or pot.

That is why, if you buy these type of imported bonsai they will not survive for long because they are potted in a medium which cannot retain much water or nutrients essential for these plants.

Authentic Indian Bonsai in Delhi

This Ficus Microcarpa was imported in India in the year 2000 and it was trained / styled and curated in Indian Conditions for almost 13 year before it was sold

At Delhi bonsai we grow and style do sell these kind of imported bonsai but we do not sell them as it is, we treat this plants as a Bonsai material and then re-pot them and shape them according to the artistic nature, after they are with us for a considerable time and well adopted to the climatic conditions of India and Delhi they are sold on our platform after good care. Authentic Indian Bonsai in Delhi is available with 4 hrs delivery in Delhi & NCR. 

If you are buying an authentic Indian bonsai for your need for your home for your office for your business as corporate gifts for a moment to gift to a dignitary or as a participating gift, must consider opting for a genuine authentic Indian bonsai because if you are buying these you are actually supporting Indian farmers Indian nursery man Indian artist and this will help in uplifting their standard of living.

दिल्ली बोनसाई-हमारी कंपनी- Authentic Indian Bonsai in Delhi

logo of delhi bonsai

दिल्ली बोनसाई का मुख्य फोकस बोनसाई ऑनलाइन पर है,और भारत में गिफ्टिंग बोनसाई बनाना।

यह बोनसाई की कला को प्रदर्शित करने का एक प्रयास है और बोनसाई और प्रकृति प्रेमियों को उनकी विशेष कृतियों को बेचने के लिए एक मंच है।

हम “गो ग्रीन” अभियान में दृढ़ता से विश्वास करते हैं और आश्वस्त हैं कि पौधे उगाना सबसे अच्छा उपहार है जिसे हम सौंप सकते हैं आने वाली पीढ़ियाँ को.

हम कर सकते हैं और हम एक बार फिर इस माँ प्रकृति को हरा-भरा और सुंदर बनाएंगे

हम, दिल्ली बोनसाई में बोनसाई की कला पर काम करते हैं, खेलते हैं और जीते हैं। उनमें से कुछ प्यारे हैं; कुछ सादे हैं. कुछ बड़े हैं और कुछ छोटे हैं। ऐसे बहुत से हैं जिनमें फूल लगेंगे और बहुत से फल लगेंगे। अब हमें लगता है कि हर किसी को इस महान कला का अनुभव अवश्य करना चाहिए।

बोनसाई के प्रति हमारा जुनून जीवन में ही शुरू हो गया था। जैसे ही हम पिछले कुछ वर्षों में पीछे मुड़कर देखते हैं, हम निश्चित रूप से उन वास्तविक घटनाओं को याद कर सकते हैं जिन्होंने हमें अपने शौक और व्यक्तिगत पूर्ति के रास्ते पर ले जाने में व्यस्त रखा। हमने 1994 में व्यावहारिक बोन्साई अनुभव की अपनी पहली श्रृंखला के लिए साइन अप किया था।

वास्तविक भारतीय बोनसाई प्रजातियाँ, बोनसाई कला के उस्तादों द्वारा निर्मित। यहां हम जिन पौधों की विविधता का चयन करते हैं, वे प्रकृति में भिन्न-भिन्न प्रकार के प्रतिरोधी और किफायती हैं, ताकि आप घर पर हरे-भरे वातावरण का आनंद ले सकें। हम दिल्ली, नोएडा, गुड़गांव, फ़रीदाबाद, गाजियाबाद में 4 घंटे की डिलीवरी सेवा प्रदान करते हैं।

नौसिखियों और उपहार देने के उद्देश्य से उपयुक्त हार्डी पौधों की किस्में, प्रति-निर्धारित आकार में आती हैं। बस वांछित आकार में काट-छाँट करें और ये बोन्साई हमेशा आपके साथ रहेंगे.

आपको दिल्ली बोनसाई में निम्नलिखित बोनसाई प्रजातियाँ मिलेंगी।

नीम, अल्स्टोनिया, जामुन, आम
शरीफा, जंगल जलेबी, सुबाबूल
नागराज, प्रेमना सेराटिफोलिया, एडंसोनिया डिजिटाटा, बोकसवुद क्रसुला/जेड, साइसस पाम, Casuarina, कारमोना, जैकुनिया, मुराया
 अमरूद,एल्म, टेकोमा बौना
गुलमोहर, चेरी.

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