Jungle Jalebi Bonsai

Ceramic Round Pot 20 Inch Dia. Height if 30 Inch, age 15 years. Fruiting Bonsai. Excellent Bonsai for Delhi NCR Climate. Jungle jalebi bonsai will turn your Home balcony a living forest. Fruiting Bonsais attract positive energy to the possessor and brings blessings and harmony.

Jungle Jalebi Bonsai

The Jungle Jalebi Bonsai (Pithecellobium dulce) is a captivating small tree cultivated through the art of bonsai. This tropical species, also known as “Manila Tamarind,” “Madras Thorn,” or “Sweet Inga,” originates from Central and South America and is highly valued for its decorative appeal. It is a native plant and found all over north Indian plains.

The Jungle Jalebi Bonsai combines visual beauty with culinary delight, featuring delicate pinnate leaves, fragrant flowers in shades of white to pale pink, and distinctive flattened pods that contain delicious, tamarind-like seeds. Its adaptability and small leaves make it an excellent choice for bonsai cultivation, requiring regular trimming, watering, and feeding to maintain its enchanting miniature form.

Benefits of Jungle Jalebi

Jungle Jalebi Bonsai (Pithecellobium dulce) Features

External Features:

  • Leaves: Pinnate
  • Blooms: Fragrant flowers in white or pink
  • Pods: Unusual flattened pods

Fruit of jungle jalebi


  • Seeds: Sweet with a tamarind-like taste

Bonsai Characteristics:

  • Nature: Adaptable, suitable for bonsai due to small leaves


  • Soil: Requires well-draining soil
  • Watering: Regular watering needed
  • Light: Prefers indirect light


  • Trimming: Regular shaping and trimming to promote branching


  • Type: Balanced liquid fertilizer
  • Frequency: During the growing season


  • Timing: Ideally in spring, every two to three years

Winter Care:

  • Protection: In colder climates, protect against frost

Care Instructions for Bonsai Pithecellobium dulce

Soil: Use a bonsai mix that drains well.

Watering: Keep the soil regularly moist but not soggy.

Light: Provide bright, indirect sunlight, and use a sunshade if necessary.

Pruning: Regularly trim to maintain shape and size.

Fertilizing: Use a balanced liquid fertilizer during the growing season.

Repotting: Repot every 2-3 years, preferably in the spring.

Pests: Monitor for pests and treat them promptly.



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