Murraya Flowering Bonsai

Ceramic pot (10×6) Inch, Height 16 Inch, Age 7 Years. Has attractive glossy leaves and fragrant white flowers.

Murraya Flowering Bonsai

Murraya Flowering Bonsai is a genus of flowering plants in the citrus family, Rutaceae. The most commonly known species is Murraya paniculata, also called orange jasmine or mock orange. It is an evergreen shrub or small tree native to Southeast Asia and Australia.

Murraya Flowering Bonsai plants are popular ornamental plants because of their attractive glossy leaves and fragrant white flowers. They are commonly used for hedging, screening, and as potted plants. The plant prefers warm, humid climates, and well-drained soil. It can tolerate some shade but grows best in full sun.

Murraya Flowering Bonsai plants- Some additional details

  • Leaves: The leaves are dark green, glossy, and oval-shaped. They are typically 5-15 cm long and arranged in pairs or whorls of three.
  • Flowers: The flowers are white and fragrant, with five petals and a yellow center. They bloom in clusters and attract bees and butterflies.
  • Fruit: The fruit is a small, round, black or red berry, which is not edible for humans but can attract birds.
  • Care: Murraya plants require regular watering and fertilization. Pruning can be done to maintain the desired shape and size, and to remove any dead or diseased branches. The plant is susceptible to pests and diseases, so it is important to monitor for any issues and address them promptly.
  • Overall, Muraya plants are a great choice for adding beauty and fragrance.
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